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7 mei 2022 • The Warp presenteert

  • The Warp presentsThe Transpiring Conservatory and Shadow Floriade in the Beatrixpark

    May 7 Saturday 18:00 to 20:30                     Shadow Floriade in the Beatrixpark
    18.30 In the Medicinal Garden: The Transpiring Conservatory String Quartet performs Pharmakon: a Medicine For Melancholy in the Herbal Garden in which three indiviual herbs grown in the garden become the basis for a three part performance in the garden. The quartet is  Miriam Den Boer Salmon violin, Marielle Groven violin, Lucija Gregov cello,  and Alkistis Misouli viola. The group will perform a three movment work with each movement occurring in one of the three enclosed spaces of the mediciinal garden. 19.30 at the Wading Pool:   The Transpiring Conservatory Woodwind Trio performs Anamometric Measures at the Wading ‘Pool near the Kiosk which converts the measurement of wind speed, pressure and lull into musical terms. The trio consists of Gareth Davis. bass clalrinet, Jan Willem Van der Ham, oboe and Salvoandrea Lucifora, tuba.

    20.00/20.30 at the Pond: Zalan Szakacs presents A Nebulae: two performances by the Transpiring Conservatory Smoking Group which will create a brief concert event by a twelve member ensemble combining colored smoke, the sky and the water of the Beatrixpark pond. Spectators will witness a brief few minutes spectacle in honor of the work continuing during the Shadow Floriade reflecting on Edgar Allen Poe’s nineteenth century revelation of our known universe, Eureka! “The work becomes an organic and the imaginary extraterrestrial landscape of gaseous elements. Intangible coloured vapour of different sizes and different densities creates by itself an ongoing “state of progressive collapse”.   



  • Locatie: Beatrixpark en Kunstkapel