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Bewonersplatform Zuidas

Citizens’ Zuidas Platform (BPZ)

The platform represents over 20 organizations each with varying expertise. It monitors all plans and developments in Zuidas and neighbouring areas and also monitors disconcerting building activities.


  1. Monitors decisive processes;
  2. Participates in decisive processes;
  3. Provides information to citizens, consumer organizations, Zuideramstel Borough Council, and local representative bodies;
  4. Organizes meetings;
  5. Consults Zuideramstel Borough Council and the Municipality of Amsterdam;
  6. Monitors traffic and transport, rainwater storage, parks and foliage.

Meetings and publications

  1. Monthly Platform meetings;
  2. Regular conferences with Zuidas project organizations and Amsterdam City Council;
  3. Meetings with experts;
  4. Weekly e-mail newsletter (in Dutch) sent to 400 readers;
  5. Publishing information on our website;
  6. Publishing articles in local newspapers.

Some results

  1. BPZ’s proposal for a 50/50 mix of housing and offices has been accepted;
  2. The number 5 tramline promoted to Zuidas area main line;
  3. Environmental balance: replacing all cut down trees;
  4. Exploit every opportunity to influence decisive processes.

Contact information:

Bewonersplatform Zuidas
A.J. Ernststraat 112
1082 LP Amsterdam
020 – 6 44 99 36
Open: Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9.00 – 12.00